Roadshow + Starter Set Electromobility

The Roadshow Electromobility brings electromobility to your region. Test drive the modern vehicles for yourself.

The Starter Set Electromobility offers practical tips for municipalities entering into electromobility.

Electromobility roadshow

The aim of the Electromobility roadshow is to inform citizens about electromobility in Germany and to support local authorities starting out in electromobility. The Electromobility roadshow is managed by the NOW National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology in cooperation with the electromobility model regions and projects as well as other partners.

After more than 10 stops in German municipalities in 2014, the roadshow is also stopping off in several cities across Germany in 2015. This is carried out under the funding programme: "Electromobility Model Regions" from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI).



Electromobility Starter Set

Commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, the Electromobility Starter Set was developed through the NOW National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology. It is a digital aid for local authorities in dealing with the issues of local public transport, private transport, commercial transport, charging infrastructure and urban development. Concrete recommendations and practical examples support local authorities in the establishment and development of electromobility in their area. A dynamic tool, the Electromobility Starter Set will be progressively upgraded.



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