Further development and implementation of the MFS

The MFS takes a technology-neutral approach. It considers transport modes from the perspective of which technical developments and innovations allow more efficient drives and alternative energy sources (fuels) to be deployed as well as the required infrastructures to be built.

Another focus of the MFS is the transitioning away of transport flows to transport modes with low final energy consumption and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. At the moment the MFS’ special focus is on the design of climate-friendly freight transport. The reason for this is the particularly strong growth forecasted in freight transport, which to a large extent, transpires on roads using diesel trucks. Accordingly the optimisation and modification of the drive and energy basis in this area plays a significant role.

In the framework of the further development of the MFS, the BMVI is also being supported by a scientific consortium. The content-related focuses of the MFS are being examined from a scientific point of view in various studies.

Current studies (external link)